No glycols or glycerin

A Bhang Pure Oil Cartridge with pure CBD/THC oil in ratios of 1:1 and 4:1, and 18:1, ideal for a broad spectrum of patients looking for varying degrees of CBD potency. This delicately-extracted full-spectrum oil retains the quality and flavor profile of the cannabis flowers used in the production process.

1:1, 4:1, 18:1 ratios. 500mg

Improved hardware is leak-resistant, glue-free, and utilizes glass and metal components for the best possible experience. Compatible with Bhang’s Multi-Volt and Single-Volt Pushbutton batteries.

 For your peace of mind, every package is labeled with strain, potency, and a QR code; allowing you to view the full SC Labs test results online, including: cannabinoid and terpenoid content, microbials, residual solvents, and pesticides.


what’s inside


1:1 / 2:1


Ideal for patients looking for the balanced benefits of both CBD and THC.


Pure Oil

Less processing & separation involved, therefore potency & flavors are more in line with the natural ratios of the cannabis plant.



A potent, flavorful oil true to the original cannabis flower.



CO2 product that boasts elevated cannabinoid levels and strain specific flavors.

Available Sizes

1:1 500 MG

2:1 500 MG

our cartridges

For the most optimal experience, always use Bhang cartridges with Bhang batteries. Each Bhang battery comes with its corresponding USB charger. Other USB chargers are not compatible even though they have the same 510 threads.  Always use the Bhang charger that came with the battery and follow provided care instructions.

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