Leafly Lists Bhang as 1 of “7 Edibles that Changed the Game” 2018

From the article …

Scott Van Rixel was already a master chocolatier with an established mainstream chocolate brand and retail shop in 2010 when he founded Bhang, a separate company dedicated to cannabis-infused chocolate. That made him among the first pedigreed businesspeople from outside the cannabis world to enter the market, at a time when federal and even state law enforcement remained a major risk for producers.

The result was the first packaged good edible with the look, taste, quality, and consistency of something you’d find on the shelves at Whole Foods, including childproof packaging and labeling that met all FDA standards for food and herbal supplement products, plus the peace of mind of knowing it’s been lab tested to ensure accurate dosing. Bhang’s flagship dark chocolate bar was 73.5% cacao, and under “other ingredients” listed 60 milligrams of THC and less than 2 milligrams each of of CBD and CBN. Easily broken into four separate segments, the bars delivered reasonably sized 15 milligram doses at a time when most edibles on the shelves either provided no real information on THC content, or promised to deliver far more THC than most people want, need, or can handle.

Today, many of these practices are not only standard in the industry, they’re often required by state law, but at the time, this was all truly game changing. As one small example, the first edible I ate after that fateful Dead show (with a couple of small exceptions, including a few Tainted treats) was a Bhang bar. After touring their production facility and talking at length with Van Rixel, I finally felt confident that I could eat a delicious edible and not get too high. Game changed!

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