Love it or Send it Back to Us

You’ve probably landed on this page because something doesn’t seem right with one of your Bhang products. We’re really sorry! We want you to LOVE what we make!

We have a love it or send it back policy so if you simply want to initiate a return, jump down to the bottom of this page and begin the process.

But, if it seems like your battery or cartridge just isn’t working right, let’s first try to fix it with our troubleshooting resources. Most “defective” batteries and cartridges that we get back are actually totally functional, they just didn’t receive the proper care. So we’ve put some resources together for you to troubleshoot on your own and make sure you’re doing everything right on your end to make the products work.

How to Troubleshoot on Your Own

We’ve got a bunch of info about battery, cartridge and edible care on our FAQ page. Please read that first.

Watch our videos for more troubleshooting advice:

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