Bhang 98%+ Pure CBD Isolate Wins 1st Place at Chalice Festival

JULY 15, 2016 –These days if you throw a rock in California you’ll probably hit a cannabis competition. Maybe it will be a Secret Cup or maybe it will be one of four Cannabis Cups thrown up in the state by High Times this year. But hopefully it won’t be Chalice California, because it’d be a shame to break all that pretty glass.

This year’s third annual festival saw many, many highlights. Besides the hash that could knock you on the ass with one good dab, there was also some musical greatness drifting through the sweet vapey air including live performances from Wu-Tang Clan, Migos, Talib Kweli, and Madlib, among many, many others.

Bhang took 1st Place in the CBD Category with the 98%+ Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate.


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